Friday, November 27, 2015

World War II, Part I, QUESTIONS


1.  In the U.S. during WW II, to what did the term “Liberty Steak” refer? 

2.  In 1945, what German General was captured when U-234 surrendered to the Americans? 

3.  When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, how many U.S. aircraft carriers were in the harbor.    

4.  What nation had the largest number of military and civilian casualties in WW II?

5.  What WWII U.S. ship received the most awards? 

6.  The Pact of Steel was an alliance between what 2 WWII combatants? 

7.  In terms of number of planes and ships involved, what was the biggest naval battle of WWII?

8.  Japan had the 2 largest battleships in history.  What were their names? 

9.  Who was Hitler's military Chief of Staff during WWII? 

10.  The Nov. 1942 Allied Landings in N. Africa had what code name?


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