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This is my second blog. My first is about crime, law and justice issues in the U.S.  It is at crimelawandjustice.blogspot.com

Like many others, I love trivia contests and the Trivial Pursuit game.  This blog will have trivia questions and answers and links to good website for triviaphiles.  If you are going to a trivia contest and/or playing trivial pursuit, you might want to review the posts.

Among the categories  covered are "This week in History," "World History,  "The 60',s" "U.S. History" with emphasis on the Civil War and Reconstruction,  "Rock and Roll Music," "Geography" "Sports," and "Movies, and"Crime, Law and Justice."

Each post will contain one or more questions .  Answers will be in the post immediately below the question.  The questions, which sometimes include an introductory hint,  vary from easy to extremely difficult.  However, I will try not to get too trivial.  Although this is labelled a "trivia" blog, most of the questions are about significant people, ideas and events.  Hopefully at least  some of the questions will have educational value.   As "Fat Albert" once said, "If you're not careful, you might learn something.

You will also be able to post comments.  If you disagree with the answer, please comment and provide a link to your source. 

There will also be a section on good websites for triviaphiles.  If you would like to suggest a site, put it in a comment to any post.  I will check it out and perhaps put it on the blog.

Enjoy the challenges!




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