Wednesday, December 23, 2015

50's Rock Group Hits, Questions

50's Rock Group Hits

1.  What group named after a hair-cut had a hit in 1955 with "Earth Angel."

2.  What group had a 1955 hit with "Only You"? 

3.  What group had hits with "Little Darlin'" (1957) and "The Stroll" in 1959? 

4.  The Dell-Viking biggest hit of 1957 was what song? 

5.  Who had a hit in 1958 with "Little Star"?

6.  In 1958, the Four Preps had a hit with what song whose title was a distance? 

7.  What song was the Fleetwoods biggest hit of 1959? 

8.  What group had a hit with "There Goes My Baby" in 1959? 

9.  In 1959, The Impalas biggest hit was what song?

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