Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 in Review, selected miscellaneous items.

1.  Jan. 7,  A terrorist attack on what French publication prompted international outrage? 

2.  What Mediterranean nation faced repeated debt and financial crises?

3.  Feb. 1  Who won Super Bowl XLIX? 

4.  Apr 4  Whose  videotaped shooting (while unarmed) by a police officer in  Charleston, SC, sparked national outrage and resulted in a murder charge against the office? 

5.  Apr. 19  The death of what black man while in police custody resulted in massive protests in Baltimore and elsewhere? 

6.  May 14  What blues guitarist, who had a mega-hit with "The Thrill is Gone," died? 

7.  June 26  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled state laws that did what were unconstitutional?

8.  July 10, In response to a massacre at a black church by a white supremacist, what was removed from the S.C. capital grounds? 

9.  Sept 28  NASA scientists confirmed the existence of liquid flowing water on what planet?

10.  Dec.  What was the name of the Texas teen fugitive who was captured in Mexico with his (ugh!) mother?  

11.  Dec.   Who was the celebrity who was finally formally charged with sexual assault after years of allegations? 

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