Friday, March 18, 2016


TWIH MAR 13-19

MAR 13

1.  1894 The first known professional striptease took place in what city? 

2.  1930  It was first announced that who had discovered the planet/planetoid Pluto?

MAR 14

3.  1932  The founder of the Kodak Company committed suicide. What was his name? 

MAR 15

4.  44 .  BC  What famous dictator was murdered?

5.  1998  What film overtook Star Wars as the highest grossing film in North America?

MAR 16

6.  1860  The famous novel The Scarlet letter was first published.  Who was its author?

7.  1968  American soldiers murder as many as 300 unarmed civilians at what S. Vietnamese village? 

MAR 17

8.  1766  In an attempt to quell the anger of American colonists who complained of taxation without representation, Parliament repealed what Act? 

9.  1886  An undetermined number of  blacks (perhaps 20) were murdered in the Carrollton Massacre in what state

MAR 18

10.  1950  Who ran the first officially recognized 4-minute mile?

MAR 19

11.  1987  What famous TV preacher/evangelist resigned after a sex and corruption scandal was revealed?  


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